Life Cover & Serious Illness Range of Benefits

Serious Illness - over 60 Illnesses Covered

Surgical Cash - 10% of Serious Illness Cover up to max €25,000

Hospital Cash - up to €300 per day for Accident or illness

Personal Accident - up to €400 per week for 52 weeks.

Why it's for you



Male Life

Female Life

Life Cover



Serious Illness



Surgical Cash



Hospital Cash

€200 per day

€200 per day

Personal Accident

€400 per week

€400 per week

Total Monthly Premium

€102.16 (1% levy included)

Male 29 years 6 months, non smoker. Female 29 years 6 months non smoker. Life and accelerated serious illness 10 year convertible term. Best Advice-Source (31.07.2013)

Free life cover up to €6,000

Free serious Illness cover up to €25,000

Free hospital cash up to €60 per day

Free overseas surgery up to €12,500

Children serious illness cover and hospital cash is based on at least one parent having this cover in place and will pay up  to 50% of parents cover or €25,000 in relation to serious illness or €60 per day in relation to hospital cash whichever is the greatest. This benefit is paid up to age 18 and will continue to be paid to age 21 if in full time education. (For more information under range of protection options please refer to product booklets)

Illness Comparison

Source: Best Advice (15.07.2013)