Financial Advice

As independent advisors our financial practitioners  draw their recommendations from an analysis of products and investments from the whole of the market, so you can be comfortable the solutions we recommend are the best available to suit your requirements.



You can make a real difference to your future by starting and maintaining a pension.

Contact one of our financial advisors for free impartial advise on the best pension for you.



Life Insurance

Life insurance is important because it is about protecting you and the future financial security of those closest to you.


With the right protection in place, your loved ones will not have to worry about money when money is the last thing they want to worry about.



Serious Illness Insurance

This may also be referred to as critical illness or serious illness cover. This type of cover pays a lump sum if you suffer one of the illnesses covered on your particular plan. You can spend the lump sum however you like, to maintain your standard of living or to help you cope during a difficult time.


Income Protection

Unlike the previous types of cover, which pay out a lump sum, income protection gives you a regular

monthly income if you are unable to work because of an accident or injury. The monthly income normally starts after a period of either 13,26 or 52 weeks - whichever you choose. This is known as the deferred period. The main advantage of income protection is that it gives you a regular income for as long as it takes to get back on your feet.

Please note: Income Protection does not cover you if you become unemployed.

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