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Accident and broken bones benefit

Up to 300  per week tax free after 2 weeks

What would happen to you financially if you were unable

to work for more than 2 weeks due to an accident?

This policy will pay up to €300 per week tax-free, to a maximum 52 weeks.


About Accident Benefit

Accident Benefit

Up to €300  per week

Broken Bones Benefit

€1,000 - €3,000 lump sum

Hospital Cash Benefit

Up to €300 per day

What will it cost me?

From as little as 1.30  per day you can have peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of an accident. Now you can have financial protection at affordable prices which takes your lifestyle into account.


Term in Years


Life Cover




Broken Bones Payment




Hospital Payment







Accident Payment

Total Monthly Premium


Quoted based on a male 30 at next birthday, non smoker, covered for a term of 20 years. Government levy (currently 1%)

What would happen to you financially, if as a result of an accident you suffer one of a list of fractures or dislocations?

While not life-threatening an accident visit to the hospital or broken bone can stop you from working or playing sport for weeks or even months. This could put a serious strain on your finances. Just because you aren't working, doesn't mean the bills stop coming in, so why not protect yourself today.

Hospital Cash Benefit

Pays a daily amount of up to 300 if you are in hospital for 3 days or more and  will pay up to 365 days. As an added extra your children are also covered free for hospital cash. If one of the life insured children is in hospital for 3 days or more we will pay from the first day and for up to 365 days. Total maximum for hospital cash is 109,500  for the adult cover, and 12,775 per child.

Broken Bones Benefit

This will pay you a lump sum of between 1,000  and 3,000  if an accident results in one of the injuries listed above.

You can claim up to 25,000  in total over the term of your plan under the broken bones benefit.

Lump sum paid for specified broken bones and dislocations and a weekly payment while you recover at home if you opt for accident cover

Potential double payments on breaks and dislocations.

Accident Payment

Accident Payment can pay a regular income after two weeks out of work for up to 52 weeks. This means you won't have to make financial sacrifices or dip into your savings during what can often be a stressful time.

The amount paid will be the lower of:


50% of your average weekly earnings in the twelve- month period prior to the date of claim or the amount of benefit you selected when taking out your life cover